Project GECKO


Welcome to team GECKO

We're a Gemstone team dedicated to developing a novel biomimetic adhesive surface.

After looking at gecko skin, we asked ourselves: how can we develop a 3D printed adhesive system through magnetic ink?


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Additive Manufacturing

We're using cutting edge inks in our devloping technologies.

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GECKO Timeline, 2019-2022

Complete Team GECKO's project proposal for GEMSTONE

Complete lab training and start working on ink

Compile collection of initial research on gecko skin and magnetic 3D ink

Start reproducing results and produce magnetic 3D ink

Begin designing adhesive gecko-inspired microstructures

Present at Do Good Showcase on applications of our work

Begin combining our work with magnetic 3D ink and adhesion

Complete our controllable adhesive surface prototype

Present poster at Undergraduate Research Day

Defend our final thesis and complete Project GECKO

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